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Welcome to my creative nest - mixed media art

"My head is full of crazy ideas. And I admit it — I like it."

I often get the question: How do you come up with all these ideas? And my simple answer is: I'm embracing my craziness. I'm even proud of being a bit crazy! That gives me freedom to do crazy stuff and explore the creative life outside the box. And that open up doors to new ideas and explorations.

After many, many years of doing papercrafting, I'm calling myself a mixed media artist. I love the "mixed media" part! It allows me to use all my experiences, techniques and different kind of media and stuff that I've been collecting and testing throughout the years. I've burried the strive for finding my ONE thing and style. I have many. And I keep jumping into new ones all the time. That is my passion. I love testing out new things - some just for a short periode, others stay as significant parts of my mixed media art. I'm much - and so is my art.

My main inspiration and force is simple: P L A Y.

All I want is to use my creativity to play - play with colors, shapes, techiques and styles, but also play with my feelings, my thoughts and my experiences. This approach helps me cope with life.

As an educated Art Therapist I know very well that art can open up doors to my unconcious mind. Art can be really therapeutic and heal my soul. It can also bild bridges to other people and connect us on deeper levels. That in mind, my art is always intuitively made and speaks straight from my heart. Art is my heart. Art is my soul. Art is my life.

I'd be so happy if you'd accept my invitation to visit my nest. The door is always open and you are welcome anytime.

Feeding nest for birds
My creative nest

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